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Insurance policies for Hotel business Insurance policies for Hotel business at which popularly placed in Thailand are
  1. All Risks Insurance The Insurance will indemnify the Insured against All Risk of physical loss or damage to the Property Insured e.g. Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Natural perils, Riot & Strike, Malicious act, Theft with forcible entry, etc. subject to the exclusions as mentioned in the Insurance Policy
    Property Insured
    • Building and improvement including its foundation, gate, fence, security house, road, walkway, car park building etc
    • Furniture, Fixtures, Fittings, wall, ceiling, fixed plate glass etc.
    • Electrical equipment, Lift, Electronic Appliances e.g. computer, TV, projector etc.
    • Utilities systems e.g. electronic, sanitary, communication, air conditioning, firefighting facilities etc
    • Machinery and its equipment e.g. boiler, chiller etc. and All kind of Stocks, foods etc.
    • Any property owned by the Insured or whilst under care custody and control or being held in trust or on commission or for which the Insured has or has assumed responsibility and/or having insurable interest (excluding water in the swimming pool).
  2. Public Liability Insurance To cover legal liability of the Insured to third parties arising from unintentional accidents by the Hotel operations, and happening or caused within the insured premises e.g. objects fall into guest’s vehicle parked in the premise etc.
    Compensation is made in respect of any claim or claims against
    • Bodily injury to or illness or disease of any person
    • Loss of or damage to property

Remark :
  1. This content is for your information or serve as a supplementary for your own decision making. Terms,  Conditions, Exclusions are defined by insurers according to the insurance policy. 
  2. Insurance premium are vary according to the Sum Insured and/or the required coverage.
  3. Please thoroughly read and study the terms/coverage under the insurance policy prior to deciding to place or buying your insurance.
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